Heart Disease

Statins or Natural Alternatives to Lower Cholesterol – Which is Best for You?

Have you been told by your doctor you have high cholesterol and should be on medication? If so, it’s time to assess your options. You could become one of the millions of people who take a cholesterol lowering “wonder” drug, or statin – but are you aware of the possible side effects? Perhaps you’re not…

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Nutritional Supplements

5 Essential Nutrients for Heart Health and Heart Attack Recovery

Are you or a loved one recovering from a heart attack and wonder if there are any natural supplements you can take to improve your chances of recovery and protect you from a second heart attack? The good is news is YES!  Your heart’s ability to heal naturally can be maximized with the use of…

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Healthy Diet for Weight Loss

Reducing Stress Through Good Nutrition

Stress, something everyone experiences. Some low stress events can be a good thing – they can keep you on your toes. But when it’s a moderate level or high level stress – it can increase your risk of hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Weight gain can be a symptom of stress, which also increases and…

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Supplements for a Healthy Life

Vitamin D Deficiency Warning Signs

For many years we have been hearing more and more about Vitamin D deficiency and the serious health problems it causes. Asthma, heart disease, depression, cancer and high blood pressure are just a few conditions that may be caused through a deficiency of Vitamin D. In 2012 Dr. Oz shared statistics of vitamin D deficiency…

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