Belly Fat in Man

Walking Away those Extra Pounds: Get off the Couch and Create a Healthier You

Everyone knows exercise is an important part of being healthy, but when we want to drop a few pounds, popping a pill sounds like the easiest way to do it – after all we don’t want to expend any energy do we?  Let’s face it, many of us are more likely to try anything but…

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Immune System Defense

Colloidal Silver as Treatment for Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum Contagiosum is a painful and unsightly skin condition caused by a pox virus and can be spread by direct contact with the lesions or indirect contact with clothing or towels. It can also be spread through bath water or swimming pools. There is no treatment or cure for this virus and most doctors tell…

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Nutritional Supplements

5 Essential Nutrients for Heart Health and Heart Attack Recovery

Are you or a loved one recovering from a heart attack and wonder if there are any natural supplements you can take to improve your chances of recovery and protect you from a second heart attack? The good is news is YES!  Your heart’s ability to heal naturally can be maximized with the use of…

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Doctor Explaining Good Nutrition

Suffering from Arthritis Pain? These 10 Suggestions May Provide Relief

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from the pain of arthritis and want relief? Even the simplest tasks cause you pain and the “Fun” has gone out of your life. Experts suggest adding the right fatty acids to your diet as well as exercise, weight loss, acupuncture, and even massage as…

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Dogs with Owners

My Dog and the Cold Germ

Do you worry you may share your cold with your dog, or his with you? Rest assured that it’s not likely. A human cold is not communicable to other species or vice versa. Dog colds and human colds stem from different germs or viruses, but the symptoms are similar. When determining how to treat your…

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Healthy Diet for Weight Loss

Reducing Stress Through Good Nutrition

Stress, something everyone experiences. Some low stress events can be a good thing – they can keep you on your toes. But when it’s a moderate level or high level stress – it can increase your risk of hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular disease. Weight gain can be a symptom of stress, which also increases and…

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Man Meditating at Beach

The Top 3 Health Concerns for Men

Men and women share many similar health concerns as they age, but there are some conditions that affect only one sex. The top 3 men’s concerns are andropause, erectile dysfunction and prostate enlargement. Just as women face declining levels of estrogen as they age, men experience declining levels of testosterone. Testosterone levels can be measured and…

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