Dogs with Owners

Natural, Holistic Remedies for a Happy Healthy Dog

Have you been looking for safe and natural products for your dog and find there are few available options? You love your dog and recognize the important role your loving companion plays in your life. Surely you want him or her to be exposed to only the best all natural health solutions. What if you…

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Woman Losing Weight and Becoming Physically Fit

Secret to Fat Burning and Easy Weight Loss While Eating What You Want Revealed

Would you Like to Turn Your Body into a METABOLIC MACHINE that BURNS FAT WHILE YOU SLEEP?  Get Access to a Proven System and Entire Database of Simple and Delicious Recipes that: If you’re tired of not getting the lean muscular body you’ve worked so hard for, and you’ve been on a roller coaster ride…

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Doctor Recommending Healthy Diet

Managing Chronic Pain through Diet

Perhaps you are one of the many people who experience chronic pain and the medication(s) you are currently taking don’t offer the relief you need. Or, maybe taking prescription medications are something you want to avoid. Either way, there are options for you in the form of diet changes and if needed, supplements. Today’s processed…

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Skin Care for Beautiful Complexion

Boosting Collagen Production Naturally

Have you begun to notice fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin that you don’t remember seeing just yesterday? The signs of aging seem to creep up and before you know it, you’re overwhelmed – when did it start and why? You’ve been using creams, but they don’t seem to be making a dent. As we…

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Group Meditating

Relieving Stress with Deep Breathing

Looking for a simple way to relieve stress? Deep breathing techniques will release the worries and stress of the day – and you can do it most anywhere or anytime. The simple act of concentrating on your breathing lifts what seems like the weight of the world from your shoulders. When stress is relieved:

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The Dangerous Effects of Fluoride on the Thyroid

Both US and British researchers have concluded that fluoride contributes to or causes thyroid problems and if you live in an area with fluoride treated water, you could be at serious risk. Studies have shown that fluoride affects the function of thyroid gland, causing both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Thyroid dysfunction raises the risk for cardiovascular…

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Clean Water for Drinking, Bathing and Cleaning

Bottled Water: Better than Tap Water?

Did you know that many bottled waters do not actually contain water from natural sources? Take a look at a bottle of water and you’ll most likely see the source of water listed as a “municipal source”.  That’s right – tap water. You’re paying at least $1.00 for each bottle of tap water you consume…

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