Banner Examples

Explore Banner Ad Design FAQs and View Some Banner Example Ads

Purpose of your Banner Ad +

Every banner ad should have a single purpose. Some of the major ones include:

  • Selling a particular product
  • Selling a particular service
  • Generating leads for quotes
  • Generating leads for appointments
  • Strengthening a company's brand
  • Building an email or SMS opt-in list

For each banner ad you order or create, first be clear on your purpose or objective.

Call to Action Banner Elements +

Every banner ad should have a single call to action for meeting your advertising objections. These may include:

  • Button that links to an effective landing page. The call to action on the button might be Find Out More, Details, Buy Now, Get a Quote, Sign Up, Free Consultation, Free Appointment, etc.
  • Phone number which produces a live operator or an automated phone message crafted for conversions.

Using a single call to action is essential to avoid confusing the visitor. A confused visitor will seldom take action.

Banner Ad Elements +

Banners commonly include several elements for effectiveness:

  • Headline that may be a question or statement in a few words.
  • Short description (one sentence) designed to engage and prompt action. Benefits that solve a problem for the target market are more effective than features of a product or service.
  • Business name and/or website domain name.
  • Professional quality artwork that may be a logo, photographs and/or clip art. You must have legal rights to use any artwork you provide.
  • Buttons that engage and compliment the colors and design.
High Converting Landing Pages +

Banner ads can be very effective at producing clicks to a web page but unless the visitor is finding a high converting landing page, they are likely to leave without taking action. Click Here if you need help in creating your banner advertising landing pages and/or strategy.